Do you suffer from excessive sweating? If you have tried every antiperspirant in the store without success to deal with perspiration and body odor, you are not alone: over 15 million Americans experience hyperhidrosis, an excessive sweating disorder. The good news is there’s a permanent, FDA-approved solution for underarm sweat: miraDry®. It is non-invasive, performed under local anesthesia to keep you comfortable, and—best of all—affordable.

How Does MiraDry Work?

MiraDry works by targeting your sweat and odor glands with controlled, electromagnetic energy (a process called thermolysis). This energy heats up and eliminates your sweat glands while cooling and protecting your skin. Studies have shown that once sweat glands are removed, they don’t grow back, which means that you can say goodbye to underarm sweat and body odor forever, without surgery.

An article in the Dermatological Surgery journal reported that 90% of patients experienced a significant reduction in perspiration following their miraDry treatments, while a study in the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy found that over 93% of patients showed major reductions in body odor.

Is MiraDry Safe?

One of the first things patients ask us about miraDry is, “isn’t sweating essential to my overall health?” Our answer is always, yes, of course it is! But you don’t need to sweat from your underarms to regulate your body temperature or maintain good health.

This is because you are born with approximately 2-4 million sweat glands throughout your body, with your underarms only containing about 2% of that total. Reducing such a small percent of your sweat glands will not have any negative effects on your health. After your miraDry treatment, you’ll continue to sweat normally in all other parts of your body. Plus, no more armpit sweat means you’ll no longer have to apply chemical-laden antiperspirants.

If you’re still concerned about the risks of miraDry, consider that it first became available almost a decade ago and has been used safely and effectively in over 140,000 treatments worldwide. Moreover, all known side-effects are minor and temporary.

Is MiraDry Right For Me?

Being such a simple, safe, and straightforward procedure, miraDry is suited for most people. Common sense contraindications include prior surgery, history of infection, or trauma in the underarm area. Freeing yourself from embarrassing armpit sweat stains and odors (for a relatively small investment of time and money) is likely to easily improve your daily life.

How Long Does MiraDry Last?

MiraDry permanently eliminates underarm sweat and body odor. Many patients experience the full benefits of miraDry from a single treatment, but we suggest undergoing two treatments spaced three months apart to ensure maximum results. Since miraDry technology immediately goes to work eliminating your sweat glands, you’ll be able to notice results on your first day of treatment.

How Much Is MiraDry?

Pricing for miraDry varies only slightly between providers. At Boston Plastic Surgery, we charge $1,900 for the first treatment.

Are There Any Side Effects Of MiraDry?

Some bruising and swelling in the armpits may occur within the first few days following your treatment. Patients have also reported short-term sensitivity in the underarms, but this gradually disappears after a few days to a week. There’s very little downtime with miraDry treatment, meaning you can get back to your normal exercise routine (minus the excessive underarm sweat!) within a few days after treatment.

Are Patients Satisfied With MiraDry?

Patients are overwhelmingly satisfied with miraDry. An article in the Dermatological Surgery journal reported that 90% of patients experienced a significant reduction in perspiration following their miraDry treatments, while a study in the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy found that over 93% of patients showed major reductions in body odor.

Who Can Perform A MiraDry Procedure?

Although miraDry can be applied by medical practitioners of any specialty, having this procedure performed by one of our professionally-trained Skin Wellness Center staff will ensure you get high-quality, long-lasting results.

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